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Regulations for the management of the college's proctoring work
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Chapter 1  Total 

The first article To further strengthen examination management,Ensure the seriousness of the curriculum assessment、Justice,Combined with the actual situation of our hospital,Formulate this regulation。

Article 2 Investigation (including inspection,Same as the following) is an important part of teaching work,Faculty of the whole hospital must attach great importance to。

Article 3Concentrated examination time organized by the school (the end of the period and other in -school courses),The college leaders took turns to go to each test room for inspection,In principle, no longer arranged for monitoring tasks。The teaching secretary wants to handle the emergencies in the exam and participate in the examination,No longer arranged for monitoring。

Article 4Teachers who work at the college must obey the college's monitoring arrangement,and strictly do a good job of proofing examinations in accordance with the various regulations in the supervision duties。


Chapter 2  Investigation and inspection responsibilities

Article 5 Monitoring teachers shall fulfill the following work responsibilities:

1. Posted the test in this test room,Strictly implement the examination implementation procedure,Record the test situation truthfully,Guarantee the test is normal;

2. Before the official start of the exam15Arrive at the test room,Do a good job of cleaning up the test room、Candidates' seat arrangement and test paper distribution preparation,Education of candidates for candidates,Announce test precautions;

3. Before the exam5Publish test papers to candidates,and ask candidates to fill in the name on the test paper、Xue Number and other related information,Carefully check the examination documents carried by the candidate,Check the identity of the candidate,Carefully check whether the items brought by the candidate meet the requirements。Candidates who do not meet the requirements,Should take timely measures,until the qualification of its test,Let it exit the test room,Report the inspector;

4. Maintain the order of the test room,Keep the test room quiet,Stop 2024 European Cup Football Official Websiteall kinds of disciplinary fraud behavior;

5. Discover and deal with the abnormal test of the exam。If you find that candidates violate discipline during the exam、Cheating behavior,Should be ordered to stop answers,Take the test room immediately,confiscated its test paper and cheating evidence,At the same time, write "violation of discipline" on its test paper、The word "Cheating",Record the plot of cheating cheating in the "Registration Form of the Examination Room",and immediately violate discipline、The relevant materials of cheating are reported to the Education Office,Assistance to do a good job in the definition of candidates' violation of discipline;

6. Manage the test materials of this test room (test paper、Answeep, etc.),Do a good job of related test papers safety confidentiality work,It should be counted as correct when transferring the test paper;

7. Observe the monitoring discipline and avoid negligence in the procedures;

8. After the exam is over, check and clean up the test room.

Article 6Monitoring teachers who need to take leave for special reasons,Need at least advance2On the day, inform the college 2024 European Cup Football Official Websiteundergraduate training department,and I coordinate others to complete the completion of the proctor,Alternatives must be the current staff of this school。

Article 7 Candidates should fulfill the following work responsibilities:

1. Responsible for the mobile inspection of the test room within the designated range;

2. During the inspection process, carefully check the order of the examination room and the test room discipline,and do related records;

3. Check the duties of the proctoring teacher to perform their duties,If the monitoring teacher is found to be in the examiner, it is not strict、Unreasonable work,It should be criticized on the spot;

4. Monitoring teacher who missed the job of the proctor,Detailed records should be made,Give the college notification criticism,and handle it in accordance with the relevant regulations of the school;

5. During the inspection process, if you find that candidates have violated the discipline of the school test,It should be stopped on the spot,and cooperate with the proctoring teacher to do a good job of candidates' violation of discipline。


Chapter 3  Monitor -in -law discipline treatment

Article 8 The following situations are proof -examined behavior:

1. No reaching the test room within the specified time,As a result, the exam cannot be performed normally;

2. Good at departure;

3. During the procedures, do behavior that has nothing to do with the proctor,If you use a communication tool、Electronic products,Correct test papers and homework,Reading、Reporting,Doze,Chat,Smoking in the test room,After the wine proceedings, etc.;

4. Lost of the duty, causing the test paper to leak;

5. Lost or wrong test paper;

6. Students who discovered discipline did not report to the inspectors in a timely manner;

7. Centencing or covering students' violations;

8. Please ask for the exam for no reason;

9. Allow unrelated personnel to enter the examination room;

10. Other acts that violate the duties of the procedures.

Article 9College according to the relevant regulations of the school,It qualitative and propose suggestions for processing of proofing examinations,Submit the Academic Affairs Office for processing。


Chapter 4  Attachment 

Article 10 These regulations are applicable to various in -school curriculum examinations participated 2024 European Cup Online Football Bettingby full -time undergraduate students in our school。

Article 11The National University English Level Test Organized by the School、Primary and Middle School Teacher Qualification Exam,Arrange the procedures in order according to the rotation rope -rimming method。Graduate Admissions Admission Test、Computer Level Exam、Graduate exams, etc., have special regulations for the proctor for the proctor,Implement in accordance with its regulations。

Article 12 This regulation is self -The date of announcement is implemented.


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