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College classroom management and usage methods (trial)
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Chapter 1 General Principles

1 Classroom is an important place for students to learn,To maintain normal teaching order,Create a good learning environment,According to the "Guizhou National University Classroom Management and Use Regulations",Combined with the actual situation of our hospital,Formulate this method。


Chapter 2  The management of the classroom

Two  Undergraduate Training Section is responsible for the macro management and allocation of the classroom、Schedule and other work。Teachers in the class and the daily management of the classroom participating in the classroom。

Article 3  The responsibilities of undergraduate training section are as follows:

1.Manage the classroom key;

2.Arrange classrooms according to the college teaching plan,and post the schedule in the classroom before the start of the school;

3.Before the start of school every semester,Organize students to investigate multimedia equipment,If there is a fault,Time warranty;

4.Equipped with blackboard rubbing, chalk and other teaching supplies;

5.Supervision classroom use,If you encounter special circumstances,Report to the leaders of the college in time。

Article 4  Teachers' responsibilities are as follows:

1.Standardize the use of multimedia equipment,If it encounters a fault,Report to undergraduate training section;

2.Close all teaching equipment according to the normal shutdown process of the system after class,Locking the device cabinet,Make sure the equipment is safe;

3.Stop the behavior of violating the Civilization UEFA EURO 2024 Qualifying Match Result BettingConvention of the classroom,If the plot is serious,Timely reflect the relevant situation to the college。

Article 5  Early semester,The corresponding classroom of the designated class management of the college,and put the allocation form in the college announcement bar and the classroom。The responsibilities of each class are as follows:

1.Sanitary cleaning。Class Establishment of cleaning and sanitary duty system,Do a good job in the environmental sanitation of the classroom,A small sweep per day,Scan every Monday。Desk、Blackboard、Corridor、There is no sticker in the entrance hall and inner and outer walls,Make sure that there are no debris in the classroom floor and desk,Door and window cleaning,Classroom tables and chairs are arranged neatly,Clean blackboard before class;

2.Management of electricity 2024 European Cup Football Official Websiteusage。After the last lesson is cleaned every day,Turn off all the power supply。


Chapter III Classroom Use

Article 6 In the case of tight resources in the classroom,First meet the needs of classrooms in the teaching plan。

Article 7  Each department、Temporary use of classrooms in each department,Such as a supplement、Meeting、Party activities、Collective learning、Social Union activities, etc.,After the person in charge of the undergraduate office must be agreed,At least advance1Silled application to undergraduate training department,Registration by undergraduate training department、Coordination arrangement。Temporary classrooms are limited to specified uses、Location and time use,Do not borrow or divert him for use。

Article 8  Any lecture with a business nature、Training Class、Counseling class, etc.,Those who use the classroom must 2024 European Cup Football Official Websitego to the Academic Affairs Office in accordance with the procedures to apply for the relevant procedures before。

Article 9  15Building619The classroom is also a self -cultivation room,As a general classroom when there is a teaching task,The rest of the timeSelf -cultivation classroom use。All students entering the self -study classroom must consciously maintain the order of the self -study room。

Article 10  Those who use the classroom must consciously abide by the classroom civilization convention,Consciously maintaining public environmental hygiene、Love Public Facilities。

Article 11  Acts that violate the Civilization UEFA EURO 2024 Qualifying Match Result BettingConvention of the classroom,The college will give criticism education according to the relevant regulations of the school,Order compensation。Classroom facilities、Equipment is human damage,Responsible person compensation at the original price of the equipment,Give relevant 2024 European Cup Online Football Bettingpunishments as the plot weight。


Chapter 4 Attachment

Article 12 The classroom pointed to this method is a special multimedia classroom of our school.

Article 13This method has not been fulfilled, and it is implemented in accordance with the school's relevant system.

Article 14These measures will be implemented from the date of announcement.


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