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Investigation promotes and enhances collaboration again -Professor Wang Guochao of our hospital went to Lede Shuren Kindergarten to investigate
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To further promote the in -depth cooperation of preschool education majors and kindergartens,​​Promoting high -quality development of preschool education,2024Year5month8On UEFA EURO 2024 Qualifying Match Result Bettingthe afternoon, the School of National Culture and Cognitive SciencesProfessor Wang Guo Chao, Dr. Ren Hongyan brought2022Level,2023Students of Education of Preschool Education10People,Go to the Ledu Shuren Kindergarten in Guiyang City to conduct field surveys on the cooperative development model of colleges and universities and kindergartens。Director Huang Lan and Wang Jun of Ledu Shuren Kindergarten participated in the survey。

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Figure1 Collective photo

The first stage of the event: visit the kindergarten.After arriving at Ledu Shuren Kindergarten,Wang Jun Executive Director led Professor Wang Guo and visited Leheshu Renya Kindergarten,In -depth understanding of the characteristics of the labor education UEFA EURO 2024 Qualifying Match Result Bettingand natural education of the park,Especially outdoor hiking,and introduced the practical innovation of the enrollment preparation of the park。

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                 Figure 2 Professor Wang Guo Chao and his team visited the kindergarten      Figure 3 Wang Junyuan Chief Introduce the characteristics of kindergarten natural education


 Event II: Carry out a symposium.First,Director Huang Lan introduced the garden environment of the kindergarten、Member structure and the development of labor and education; Wang Jun Executive President introduced the natural education of the garden and the teaching content prepared by admission,also mentioned the characteristics and reasonableness of kindergarten mixed teaching。Betting on Euro 2024 Football OddsSubsequent,Professor Wang Guo Chao and the person in charge of the Garden Institute made preliminary discussions on the in -depth cooperation of scientific and teaching and research in colleges and universities。


                     Figure4 Symposium site (1)                    Figure5Symposium site (2)

Event third stage: return to graduates.Learn from this survey return visit2019Graduate graduates of the level of education Yang Chunfang work performance,Listening to the kindergarten suggestion for preschool education in our school。At the same time,Understand the adaptation of the graduate Yang Chunfang's work,Collect the satisfaction of graduates of education in our college education。Yang Chunfang said that the kindergarten brings Euro qualifiers predictions todayhimself in many aspects of growth,Now I can basically adapt to the work of children teachers,But becoming a qualified child teacher needs to have more aspects。


                Figure6 Visit2019Graduate graduates of pre -school education      Figure7 View2019Graduate graduates of pre -school education

Yang Gao Du Xing, knowing new and far away.Domestic investigations of colleges and universities will help strengthen communication and cooperation with kindergarten,Promoting the organic combination of education theory and practice。Through this survey activity,Learn the labor education of the garden、Natural Education、Hybrid teaching and enrollment preparations for running parks。The two parties said that I would like Euro qualifiers predictions todayto continue to strengthen cooperation,Provide strong support for the co -construction and governance of both parties。

Picture: Fang Yinshan, Li Xiaoyun

Text: Wang Manmei

First instance: King Guo Chao

Second trial: Cai Fei

Third Trial: Chao Chao

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