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The Department of Education of the School of Education and Cognitive Sciences of National Culture and Cognitive Sciences Holding Preschool Education 2022 Edition Edition Professional Talent Training Program Amendment Expert Experts
2023-09-11 15:35   Auditer:   (Click: )

To further improve the college2022Version of the Cultivation of Professional Talent Training Plan,Education, teaching and professional construction high -quality development of the college,In accordance with the "National Standards for Undergraduate Professional Teaching Quality of Undergraduate College", "The Ministry of Education's Opinions on Deepening the Reform of Undergraduate Education and Teaching Comprehensive Improvement of Talent Cultivation Quality", "General Higher Education Discipline Settings, Adjustment and Optimization Plan" Implementation Opinions of Undergraduate Curriculum "and other document spirit,and the school "About further revision 2022 Notice of Edition Professional Talent Training Plan "," 2022 Edition of pre -school education undergraduate professional talent training plan for further revision。9month2Day morning,The Department of Education of the School of Education UEFA EURO 2024 Qualifying Match Result Bettingand Cognitive Sciences of National Culture and Cognitive Science held preschool education2022 Edition of the Division Professional Talent Training Program Amendment Expert Democratic Meeting,The meeting invited Professor Yang Xiaoping of Southwest University、Professor Li Xu, Director of Preschool Education Department of Guizhou Normal University、Professor Lou Xiaoyun, Director of Preschool Education at the School of Education and Science, Guizhou Teachers College 、Director Yue Yan, the Second Kindergarten of Guiyang Experiment、Cao Ping, Deputy Director of Cao Ping, Cyry Fourth Kindergarten、Guiyang Huaxi Third Kindergarten Yuqing Hongyuan Chief、Liehe Shuren Kindergarten Vice President Wang Jun,Together7Expert group formed by universities and industry experts。Professor Long Haiyan, Dean of the College、Dr. Gan Wei and teachers of the Department of Education。The meeting was chaired by Professor Wang Guo, Department of Education。

Dean Longhai Yan expressed his gratitude to all experts,Introduce the school's requirements for the revision 2024 European Cup Football Official Websiteof talent training plans,Introduction to the history of the history of preschool education、Development results and predicament,I hope to get the guidance of the expert,Improve the quality of school education for preschool education。

Director of the Department of Education Ren Hongyan introduced preschool education2022 The revision of the version of the professional talent training plan,and put forward the confusion in the revision process。Experts generally hold a positive attitude towards preschool education talent training plan,Make opinions and suggestions from different angles。

Professor Yang Xiaoping proposed that the training goals are not clear,Think about whether the graduation requirements can support the training target,The relationship between the general target and the division target should be reasonable。

Professor Li Xu proposed,Professional introduction what to introduce,Cultivation targets must clarify the expected goals of students after five years of employment,Graduation requirements should be more specific to the second -level title,2024 European Cup Online Football BettingCurriculum setting should be hierarchically,Clarifying generals、Teacher Education Course、Professional basic class、Professional core courses and other structures,Practical courses should be by educational trainees、Education study、Education Internship "Three Xi Guan Tong"。

Professor Lou Xiaoyun introduced the experience of preschool education in Guizhou Teachers College,Put forward the concept of professional certification、Talent demand survey to revise,There must be data to support the training plan,pointed out the deficiencies of our pre -school education talent training programs in the practical course。

Yue Yan's principal from the perspective of the frontline of the kindergarten,Proposal training of college talents should listen to external needs,Communicate with employers in the formulation of targets,Pay attention to the comprehensive contact of skills and literacy in the course settings,Pay attention to students' professional identity、Cultivation of professional identity,Add the time of the trainee Betting on Euro 2024 Football Oddslink,Improve students' Mandarin level。

Director Yu Qinghong believes that colleges and universities are training teachers for kindergarten,Training target cannot be general,Course settings should respond to the needs of kindergarten,Hope the college teachers can go deep into the kindergarten exchange。

Deputy Director Cao Ping Cong Cross -Crown Garden is located in the angle of the ethnic culture area,Affirmed that the training plan for education talents in our school has corresponding courses in the course settings,Think to be able to strengthen students to strengthen kindergarten games、The theoretical and practical contact of observation and evaluation。

Director Wang Jun believes that kindergartens are both internships and employers for colleges and universities,I hope to strengthen the training cooperation between the two,This can better help students make career plan。

In the free communication link,Teachers from the Department of Education ask experts,I discussed how to improve the quality of talent training、How to improve the training plan and other questions。

Last,Dr. Gan Wei made Euro qualifiers predictions todaya summary speech,Expressing thanks to experts,Expectation of the revision of the training plan for preschool education professionals。

This expert demonstration meetingFor the Academy2022Edition Professional Talent Training Program Amendments Clarify the direction of optimization and improvement,Refined improvement measures,To promote the education and teaching of the college to a new level、Comprehensively improving the quality of talent training has laid a solid foundation。

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Figure: Shi Yuchang

Text: Ren Hongyan

First trial: Ren Hongyan

Second Trial: Cai Philip

Third trial: Zhang Red


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