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Master Teacher Style

http://www.gzmu.edu.cn:8080/_mediafile/test/2017/03/03/2k15wl0lam.jpgZhang Xueli, male, Yi,1964Years5Moon Sheng,People from Dafang County, Guizhou,Guizhou National University Second -level Professor,Doctor of Nankai University,Doctoral instructor of Southwest University。Country10,000 people planLeading talents,Million Talent ProjectNational candidates,The country has outstanding contributions to young and young experts,Cultural master andFour batchTalent,Core expert of Euro qualifiers predictions todayGuizhou Province,The first batch of philosophy and social sciences in the university of Guizhou ProvinceGuizhou Spirit Scholar,Guizhou Provincial University Philosophy Social Science Academic Leader,Provincial teaching master,Enjoy special allowances of the State Council Government。Director of the Chinese Logic History Committee of the Chinese Logic Society,President of the Guizhou Provincial Logic Society,Chairman of the Guizhou National Culture Society。Once in the UK、The United States、Australia and other dozens of national universities study access。

Host or participated in major projects of the National Social Science Fund、The Ministry of Education ’s philosophy and social science research major projects such as major projects such as major projects10Amibly, publishing works, textbooks17Ministry, publish papers70Yu, won national and provincial -level rewards10



2024 European Cup Online Football BettingCai Shushan,Professor,Boadao,Dean of the School of National Culture and Cognitive Science

Research direction: Linguistics、Logic、Language Psychology、Thinking psychology、Philosophy of mind、Cognitive Science

Research expertise: speech behavior theory and language study, heartLogic, high -level cognition




1. Education background

1978.9-1982.7The Department of Philosophy of Guizhou University, obtained a bachelor's degree in philosophy

1984.9-1987.7The Department of Philosophy of Renmin University of China,Logic major,Master of Philosophy Degree

1989.9-1992.7Graduate Euro qualifiers predictions todaySchool of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences,Logic major,Language logic direction,Get Philosophy Doctor of Philosophy

2004.10-2005.10    Harvard University visiting scholars

2006, 2007, 2012     Research at the University of California Berkeley visit

2006, 2008, 2009, 2014Hamburg University visit research

 2. Work resume

1992.1 - 2000.6National Philosophy and Social Science Planning Office (National Social Science Foundation),The Deputy Director of the Fund Department,Deputy Director of the Planning Office、Director

2000.6 - 2006.6Member of the Liberal Arts Committee of Tsinghua University,Director of the Liberal Arts Construction Office of Tsinghua University

2006.4 -to this day       Director of Psychology and Cognitive Science Research Center of Tsinghua University

2006.4 -to this day       Ministry of Education985Director of Cognitive Science Innovation Base of Tsinghua University in major innovation bases

2008.5 -to this day       Professor and doctoral supervisor at the Department of Psychology, Tsinghua University

2015.12 -  So far      Betting on Euro 2024 FOOTBALL ODDS Dean

 3. Academic part -time job

(1) UNESCO International History and Scientific Philosophy Federation Logic、Society of Methods and Science Philosophy Association(Assessor of International Union of History & Philosophy of Science/ Division of Logic, Methodology and Philosophy of Science, IUHPS/ DLMPS)

(2) Executive Director of the International Symbol Research Association(Countcil Member of International Association for Semiotics Studies, IASS/AIS)

(3) Vice President and Executive Director of UEFA EURO 2024 Qualifying Match Result Bettingthe Chinese Logic Society;

(4) Director of Language Logic Professional Committee of UEFA EURO 2024 Qualifying Match Result Bettingthe Chinese Logic Society;

(5)Editorial Member of Logic Research;

(6)Academic Member of the "Academic" magazine;

(7)Editorial Committee of the Journal of Tsinghua University Journal;

(8)Editorial Member of Guizhou National University Studies Research,Logic and cognitive column host。

 4. Reward and Honor (recent10Years)

(1) 2013Years was rated as an advanced worker in Tsinghua University in the year.

(2) 2013won the Special Honor Award of the Chinese Logic Society in the year.

(3) 2008Years was rated as an excellent doctoral supervisor in Tsinghua University.

 5. Academic Achievement (recent5Years)

 Scientific Research Project                                                        

   (1)Language、Thinking、High -level cognitive research at the cultural level,National Social Science Foundation Major Project (15ZDB017),Project leader and chief expert,2015–2020。

   (2) Psychological support and cognitive decision -making system of special crowds,Tsinghua University Independent Innovation Project,Ren Chief Expert,2009–2013。

   (3) Divided theoretical and application research of cognitive science,The Ministry of Education ’s Philosophy and Social Sciences Research Project,Ren Chief Expert,2007–2012。

   (4) Cognitive Science Research Innovation Base,Ministry of Education 985 major innovation base project,Director of the base,2004 to the present。


(1) Cai Shushan, Zou Chongli:"Research on the theory of Natural Language",Beijing: People's Publishing House,2010。  

(2) Editor -in -chief of Cai Shushan、Deputy editor of Jiang Minghu: "Human Mind and Cognition",Beijing: People's Publishing House,2016。

(3) cai, shushan. (ED.) Mind and Cognition, Beijing: People ’s Publicishing House, 2014.


HasPublished more than 150 academic papers in domestic and foreign academic journals such as "Scientific Report" and "Chinese Social Sciences",94 articles selected by China Zhizhi.com。Published 18 core journal papers since 2012,Among them, 1 article of SCI papers,CSSCI papers 8 articles。

(1)Cai Shushan. Moral behavior under the network and virtual conditions -analysis based on contemporary cognitive science position,Beijing: People's Forum · Academic Frontier,2016-12-15。

(2)  Newfay、Cai Shushan. Cognitive science、Plastable Technology and Education Innovation,Beijing: "Innovative Talent Education",2016 Issue 3。

(3)  Cai Shushan.,April of the Elderly World -Mr. Jin Yuelin's reason and emotion,Guiyang: "Journal of Guizhou National University",2016 Issue 4。

(4)Cai Shushan. Artificial Intelligence and Human Intelligence — Five -level theory of Cognitive Sciences View Human Machine Wars,Beijing: "Journal of Peking University" 2016, No. 7. CSSCI.

(5)Cai Shushan. Explore these pounds of "the most complicated and incredible material in the universe","Chinese Reading and Book Review Weekly · Science",July 20, 2016。

(6)Cai Shushan. Natural and culture,Hefei: "Academic" 2016, No. 4. CSSCI.

(7)Feng Xue,Xue Xiaodi,Cai Shushan. Specialty: inductive reasoning in the process of interpersonal perception,Hefei: "Academia",2016 Issue 3. CSSCI.

(8)Cai Shushan. On the critical nature of critical thinking,Wuhan: Journal of Hubei University,2016 Issue 4. CSSCI.

(9) Cai Shushan. Five levels and high -level cognitions of human cognition,Beijing: "Science Chinese",February 2016。

(10)Cai Shushan. On the five levels of human cognition,Hefei: "Academic" No. 12, 2015. CSSCI.

(11)Cai Shushan. Exploring the mystery of language and human cognition,Beijing: "Science Chinese" No. 12, 2015,Page 14-19。

(12)Cai Shushan. Psychological logic、Creative thinking and scientific discovery -cultural value of logical cognition,Guiyang: "Journal of Guizhou National University" (Zhenshe Edition) 2015 Issue 1。     

(13)Cai Shushan. Human learning and cognition based on language and culture,Beijing: "Science Chinese" No. 3, 2014。

(14) Liu Jianling、Cai Shushan. Tracing for reasoning、Creativity and scientific discovery,Hefei: "Academic" No. 11, 2014. CSSCI.

(15) Cai Shushan. The psychological logic model discovered scientifically,Beijing: "Scientific Report" 2013 Vol. 58, Issue 34。2013, 58: 3530–3543, Doi: 10.1360/ 972012–515。SCI

(16)Cai Shushan. Psychological and logic: two important channels of human cognition,Beijing: "Science Chinese",2012 Issue 22。

(17)Newfay,Zhao Qian,Cai Shushan. Cymbisites of Chinese soldiers' mental health status: 1990-2007,Beijing: The Journal of Psychology,2012, Vol. 44, No.2, 226236 6236. CSSCI.

(18)Zhang Ling, Cai Shushan, Bai Chen, Yixinfa. Experimental research on the relationship between the proposition and selection propositions、Thinking of Psychology and Cognitive Science,Taiyuan: "Jinyang Academic Journal",2012 No. 03,83–87. CSSCI.



2024 European Cup Online Football Betting
2024 European Cup Online Football Betting
2024 European Cup Online Football Betting
2024 European Cup Online Football Betting
2024 European Cup Online Football Betting
2024 European Cup Online Football Betting
2024 European Cup Online Football Betting
2024 European Cup Online Football Betting
2024 European Cup Online Football Betting
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2024 European Cup Online Football Betting
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