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Scientific research dynamics
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· Euro qualifiers predictions todayDirector of the School Development Planning Division and Disciplinary Office, Professor Gong Dequan, and his party went to our college to investigate the construction of psychological disciplines 2022/03/12 
· Children's standard: The logical starting point of preschool education -The 17th issue of the master's degree in education UEFA EURO 2024 Qualifying Match Result Bettingin our school is the 17th "learning and thinking forum" 2023/04/30 
· The School of National Culture and Cognitive Sciences held the 2022 National Social Science Fund Problem Test Certificate 2022/03/05 
· Institute of Psychological Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in pairs of co -construction projects in 2020 projects for project project announcement 2021/06/30 
· 2024 European Cup Online Football BettingThe main scientific research projects and scientific research dynamics undertaken by 2020 2021/05/18 
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